Choose a house roof Popular different styles can be called No limit Because of the architect They have creativity that goes beyond the limitations of house roof architecture. รับออกแบบบ้าน

Not just a shape that can make your home look beautiful. But also has many uses Whether to bite the sun, rain, heat, and choose a house roof Is therefore important Not different from other decorations

Choose a house roof Popular different styles


1. Gable roof, suitable for general houses in every region, every country may be called It is a standard that has been used for a long time. This type of gable roof There will be very little leakage problems. Due to the angle of the house Provides extra slope when it rains.


2. The hipped roof house is highly popular in Japanese, Korean and Thailand style houses. The roof shape has a slope angle less than the gable shape. The appearance of the roof will cover all directions of the house.


3. Manila Roof House The roof of the house is a combination of hip and gable shape together. It is a style that brings advantages to both styles. Come and apply Used in country-style houses, contemporary houses


4. The roof of the house is round curved, popular with metal sheet materials, synthetic materials, made of fiberglass, covered the front and back with asphalt. Or may choose to use a copper sheet material Which can be formed, bent and made to order as needed as well

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