The best movies of the decade That you should not miss to see Movies that we love with our hearts, with emotions, or are high-quality movies in a way our brains dictate that we must admire, in order to make our readers view us as tasteful moviegoers. ดูหนัง hd

The best movies of the decade That you should not miss to see

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Under the Skin (2013)

Movies that give us new tastes like eating strange food, encountering language that we are not familiar with, but have some understanding, travel to a country that we do not know, where in the early days it would be dazzling with. Surroundings But I gradually feel frightened when we don’t know which way to go.

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Hereditary (2018)

It’s a psychological film that really haunts us at all levels, starting with general horror with aftertaste. Intense anger Loss of ear It spreads to the deep sadness that there is no hope of any kind. It is a difficult movie that fans of Horror must not miss.

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Inside out (2015)

Loaded with the original charm that Pixar is good at: being an easy-to-digest movie. Can make us smile Laughing or being sad until you want to cry The concept of the movie is simple but difficult to tell. This story has a high probability that we will be confused if the craftsmen are not really capable.

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