What is Streaming Media?

Streaming Media is the term used for content delivered via the World Wide Web in real time. This is distinct from other delivery methods in the sense that it pulls data from an off-site location that is played on devices, and sends the content continuously across a network. You are able to watch and hear media immediately, instead of waiting for downloading to be completed.

Streaming Media also offers features that include fast-forwarding and rewinding and pause. Additionally, you can skip segments and play them back whenever you want. In contrast to other formats for video, there is no way to send data in a particular order, this means that content is transmitted and received in accordance with connectivity to the network. Since the end of 1990, Streaming Media gained enormous popularity due to the advancement of technology that increased speeds of network. ดูหนัง hd in network speed and bandwidth are necessary to allow Streaming Media to function effectively.

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